Fadi Atteya

Advanced Technology Company, Information Technology Department, Health IT Unit, Operations Senior Manager.


Fadi is a Health IT professional. Since 2000, he’s garnered experience managing enterprise implementations of Health Informatics and Electronic Medical Record projects. He has experience leading initiatives, re-engineering processes and workflows with a proven ability in delivering next-generation accredited and certified HIT solutions.
Showing skill in leadership working with international vendors on specialized clinical solutions with different specialties, Fadi managed to coordinate together the different providers to achieve the target of a complete paper-fee-hospital operating under international standards, through the best-of-breed approach.

  • Partners: GE, AGFA, ALERT, MAQUET, Microsoft, OutSystems, etc.
  • Specialties: Cardiology, E.N.T, Internal Medicine, Dental, Urology, ICU, Radiology, Lab, Pharmacy, etc.
  • Interoperability Standards: HL7, DiCOM, LOINC

In terms of business development, Fadi’s worked with cutting-edge technology providers, maintain disruptive change through competitive analysis. He’s managed to support the shared vision of the organization as a whole, following Agile methodology and maintaining value, ROI and TCO.
In terms of stakeholder engagement, Fadi’s managed communications and developed trusted strategic partnerships with key customers and stakeholders across various levels of management, allowing him to achieve the goals he’s set out to achieve.

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